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Download Muscle Girl(J-Drama) 2011

Download Muscle Girl(J-Drama) 2011

Muscle Girl! (J-Drama)

Title : Muscle Girl! (J-Drama)
Alternative Title(s) : Ikemen meets Joshi Pro-wres
Hardsubbed or Softsubbed: Hardsubbed
Fansub: Serendipity Fansub
Number of Episodes: TBA

Summary : 
Ichikawa plays the part of Azusa, the only child of the owner of a small female pro wrestling organization. After her father dies of illness, she has to take over the business, which is already losing money and is on the verge of shutting down. To make things worse, their referee suddenly disappears on the day of one of their shows, leaving behind only a resignation letter. The desperate Azusa then runs into a young Korean man (Lee). She persuades him to serve as a referee just for that day, though she doesn’t realize he is actually a popular star in Korea.

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Download Muscle Girl(J-Drama) 2011



  1. @agus satria
    liat disini aja gan :!#Cast
    aku ga hafal nama2 member yg baru

  2. @PeterBoyz

    oooh... baru ya
    kiran member yg lama, klo yg hanzakari no kimitachi e?

  3. @agus satria
    acchan sama yukirin gan^^

  4. @agus satria
    yap,yukirin ikutan main drama ini..


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